{Monday, October 20, 2008}

s77 Birthday cake on 7 July which was really long ago.
Paiseh la, I managed to login to this blog only like recently? For those who forgot the blog password and user name, feel free to ask, lets revive this blog .

Upcoming events

1. SCREAM! ( part of the Halloween celebration)

This Saturday! Sadly, I won't be able to go cause I won't be in S'pore at that time :( . But, do attend the event, its fun to toy with your nerves once in a while , hee. Take more photos too! Can't believe I'm missing this....

To find out more, watch the publicity video :)

2. Apollo faculty outing in school on next Wednesday.

Most probably, I won't be around ( gonna be in Msia), which is quite sad, right? hurhur But, Wednesday will be the last day of school so do support your faculty&fac com members by attending, okay?

I'm quite proud of our class cause we have showed improvement in results. It's nice not being the bottom few, right? To those whom may not have gotten the results they wanted, don't fret, always look at the bright side and remain sanguine. Think of the bigger picture. A Levels is after all, the ultimate goal. So just keep up the hard work cause we've got POTENTIAL!

Next up will be OP for PW so jiayou people! Stay calm, stay focused. PW can be quite *cough* disgusting/annoying but we've settle most of the components already and all we have left is OP. So, just tolerate the situation a LITTLE while longer

Regarding class outing, are you guys interested in having one? You may wanna provide suggestions to either Jeanne or me and tell us the best time to have it( perhaps after OP?). Do so ASAP though, before everyone starts jetting all over the world.


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