{Monday, October 20, 2008}

HELLO PEEPS! Our class blog is quite dead!~~

And now I shall be brave and try to attempt to revive it.

Last Friday's class 'outing' at A203 was uhm quite eventful (?), with people happily eating pizza and garlic bread and drinking coke and watching ' She's the man'! I hope everyone who attended did enjoy it, especially the pizza that wasn't from Pizza Hut or Canadian Pizza, but some quite nice pizza type hahaha. Perhaps if there is another 5 hour break (like today again, though we needed this 5 hour break to do PW ><) we could have another cool class outing like this again? Watch movie, chill, and eat stuff!

Anyone up for the idea of having a class outing during the nov/dec holidays? Perhaps having ice skating again or whatsoever, since we had ice skating for our class GEMS, and we shouldn't let go of this 'skill' so easily right? Hahaha. Please please tag if you are interested in this outing, or if you have any other suggestions for class outings during the holidays, like cycling or anything, and I guess our CT rep and assistant CT rep will try their very best to organise one for us! XD

Btw anyone wants a class chalet or something? (You can play cards till your hearts' content there, without being caught and demerit points HAHA) Please tag if you are interested in this too!

And PW! OP is in exactly 2 weeks from now, and I hope that every group is coping well and doing fine with their stuff. Like having handed up WR, should be fully concentrated on OP right? Haha, don't be too stressed about this anyway! After 2 weeks we can really enjoy ourselves! (And forget that there is a biology review test right at the beginning of the next year ><) Jiayou people! We can all clinch A and be very happy people next year when the results are released! As mentioned, this is the last lap for PW already, and hopefully everyone can continue at the current pace and standard you guys are at now! (I guess the WR should be of quite a good standard for everyone right? Haha) Then we will wow the moderators and examinors during OP, and give them no choice but to give us an A. Whee.

Jiayou people! 08S77!~~

- <3 natalie!~

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