{Sunday, July 6, 2008}

Hey 08s77!
Our class has been really stagnant for really long!
Please post whatever pictures or anything you all want here to keep the blog alive!

(1) GEMS
It is this coming saturday, 12th July. Our booking is at 3pm. Meet at Jurong MRT at 230pm. We'll still need to walk to the entertainment centre and get our equipment and everything, so please be on time! It is an official school event, so attendence is compulsory. An mc is required if you aren't present. I understand some of you have cca and stuff, I'm asking Ms Teo if cca is excused. Anyways, GEMs is combined with s79. The cost is $11.60. So after the subsidy from the school, we only have to pay $1.60 each.

(2) 7th July
YOUTH DAY IS OUR CLASS' BIRTHDAY!! :D 7/7. Actually Shiwei suggested we have a class outing on that day. But many people already have plans for that day. So we'll get a cake and celebrate it on tuesday instead!

Apollo's adhoc event is coming up! We'll be giving out free icecream! There will be games, and the winning class will get vouchers from some restaurant! So please come down to the event to support us and participate actively in the games! Watch out for the announcements for the exact date of the event!

(4) Inter CT table tennis competition
The Hwa Chong Table Tennis Recreational Club is organising a inter-CT table tennis competition. Participation can be in singles, doubles and mixed doubles. The competition is on Thurs (10th July) for Male and Female Singles, and Tues (15th July) for Doubles. Tell me by tuesday if you're interested in taking part!

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ivan the ct rep!
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