{Friday, May 9, 2008}

Hey people! This blog is seriously getting dead. I guess it is because of the tests and the amount of responsibilities coming up yeah?

Anyway, just wanted to encourage all you guys here. Jia you okayy. We are a super imba and cool class, and we can do better in our tests de lah. Don't be discouraged by this term results, and let's all hope together than the block tests will bring about better results. (HAHA). Okay, hahaha. But yeah, you get my point right? Hahah, I guess that is enough.

Oh and I realised that shuyi's name is not here yet! =D Let's have a class outing during june holidays and officially or whatever like bring her into our class. HAHA. I guess I am starting to be lame. Or zi high. Oh no. Oh man. Hahaha.

Anyone has Apollo fac outing photos? Songs for sunshine at Timbre was fun. At least for me. And I enjoyed myself a lot! Hahah. Come on, those who didn't go are jealous of us righttt. Haha. Photos photos! Talking about photos reminds me of photo taking today. Haha. Nevermind. Hahhaa. Okay I shall go off now. Or else I shall bombard this blog with my lameness. Haha.

To quote from someone famous (HAHA ME! omg I think it must be due to the lack of sleep that is causing this stuff to come out of my brain), let's all jia you okay. Motivate all of you. Hahaha. Jia you jia you.

08S77 is <3s! Apollo is <3s! Hwachong is <3s! (Okay the last one is debatable. XD)

<3s, Nat! (who is zi highing now. Hahaha)

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