{Saturday, March 1, 2008}

Yay people! You all are blogging at the wonderful class blog! *Grins widely* Soon we will have a lot of people coming to this blog, and we will win the blogging competition right? Haha! Shall ask more people to come and blog!

Okay, it's the 1st of March today!!! Which means school holidays are coming soon erm in a week's time! Hahaha. Yup. But I will miss schooll!!! Miss coming to school early in the morning either to stone at the CT bench or sit down to start to copy everyone's work. (Which all of us know the feeling so clearly! =D) There was one time I woke up at 6am on a Saturday and started preparing to go to school, until I suddenly realised it was Saturday. Lol. >.< Okay, that was super random. =D Haha.

So on the special 29th of February there was an introduction by council on the elections procedures and stuff! So currently, we have more people going to run for council in our CT! Ze lei, Nikki (They are in the same campaigning group!), Darren, Yiming, and me! Yup. Our CT is quite good, in the sense we have so many people going to run for council! But there might be more from our CT I think! Remember to vote for us on 1st of April!

I'm still trying to get a Cbox for the class blog...but the cbox website keeps on hanging on me when I'm trying to get one. Oh yeah, and if you people have blogs, please please log in and change the links okay! Or you can tag on the cbox (Will try to get one ASAP) your blog and stuff =D.

That's all for now I guess!


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