{Tuesday, March 4, 2008}

yay! we're doing a combined blog post now! anyway today was supposed to be a happy day after the bio test but it turned out to be a shitty day because we had to finish our math tutorial and hand it up since we didnt do it the day before :D Ya exactly. I spend half of my time trying to do 1b then end up giving up. In the end have to copy everything. OH YA. N thanks for all those ppl tat posted ok. i feel so happy :) ok. actually we shld be doing our GP n econs now. But i'm daoing it. Math tutorial can do tmr so i'm daoing it too. haha yah i think im just going to plan out the econs essay since he wont mark it or anything :) anyway its going to be our wonderful march holidays soon! so actually from today onwards we can relax! 'laxing bbq!' =DOMG...GG. haha. pls dun say laxing. like tat everytime i must say GG. somehow i'm so lookin forward to tmr! got guitar. oh crap. got guitar! die. i haven learn tat long weird sounding piece yet. haha. N I:M GOING TO MUG TMR. must be feeling damn proud of me rite! yes im so proud of suxiang! =D anyway suxiang is a Guitar Girl..so...GGGGGGGGGG! *irritates suxiang with GG* haha. okok enough of random crap lah..we shall post photos of the class!LAXING! haha. ok fine. we shall stop being lame.

yay! we love ronald macdonalds! and in case you guys forgot how francine looks like..since most of you havent got a chance to talk to her..she was in the photo! :) haha and weekeat was damn slow coz today he thought francine is still in s77 and she's gonna top the class for bio -.-"

random s77s mugging bio after school yesterday!

sx and i at my favourite mirror! ^^ the cleaner aunty was so nice lah..coz we happened to walk past then she offered us some biscuits then at first we very paisei so we said dont want but she said 'bu yao dan xing..mei you du de..aunty bu hui hai ni men de..' then we felt so bad so we just ate it haha :) but the biscuit was really nice!

pretty feet..haha.

ok we shall end off our random post with a super random photo! lol =D

<3, suxiang and

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