{Thursday, March 6, 2008}

hai. now i'm like tryin to learn the super hard piece. its honestly sound damn weird on my guitar. i seriously sound super squeaky la. n the 'dao gei' (ok pardon me if its wrong. my pinyin abit crappy) notes are seriously killin me la..now i'm like doing it all fr memory. yeah me too me too! i so cannot read all those musical notes and you see the piece of paper on the right? thats only 1/4 of the whole piece! its called Gavotte! suxiang! GG! *tries to irritate sx with GG* haha =D

yeah anyway today's chemistry lecture was really boring (erm actually not only chemistry but all lectures are boring =X) and the lecturer actually said 'those who want to talk go to sleep now!' lol. so people started sleeping lorh. see who's sleeping.. =D

haha...darren honestly look like lao ren when he slp la. haha. erm. junxin. i dunno how to describe but he just look like a turtle. super funny. n janus honestly slp like......ok i dunno how to say it. but just look very glam. oh ya. n he was like rockin up n down. anw since i promise myself not to slp today, i decided to do my gp n talk with elissa. ok not talk. i think most of the time i was laughing haha! no junxin looked like a praying mantis! haha no offence horh! =D OMG junxin turning like teck yuke aready! yeah the best way to stay awake during lectures is to just write notes, or keep talking and gossiping with the person sitting beside you! or observe people who are sleeping =D yeah anywayits abit late now..after looking at the photos of people sleeping dont you feel like sleeping too?! haha nites and sweet dreams! ^^
<3,>suxiang & elissa!

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