{Wednesday, March 5, 2008}

LOL. Suxiang and Elissa are just super funny people! =D Hahaha! But yes people, if you have more pictures out there, please please please post them onto this blog! Cos we are so cool! Yeah! (Okay, I don't know whats wrong with the word font and size... so ignore them! XD)

Okay, today was the last tutorial for Econs before the first term ends! Which translates to seeing Dr Siva for the last time for this term today! HAHAHA. That was why I never pon school and come to school, cos I will miss Dr Siva during the holidays if I don't see him now. LOL. Never mind me. It must be my brain talking right now. HAHA. XD

I enjoyed myself today! Especially after the maths tutorial at the CT bench! I don't know why too but I just have a particular memory of the times of the CT bench after the maths tutorial. Hmm...got scolded by Mrs Chua today during maths tutorial..but it's okay! =D Which reminds me that we are getting back our Chemistry Test tomorrow... and Mrs Cheng said not a lot of people passed. Hahaha... (cold laughter) hmm... oh yeah, Gino said he would treat the whole CT if he passed for bio! HAHAHA.

Hmm.. I shall go and rest early today! Take care people! =D


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