{Sunday, March 2, 2008}

Hey yo people!~ I am wondering about Biology. I am studying but I couldn't get a single thing into my head! =D

But anyway, updating on the number of people in our CT running for council! Bits and pieces heard from people from and out of our wonderful CT! =D

So now, we have tentatively 7 people I guess. Who are! *Drumroll*

Zelei, Nikki, Darren, Cindy, Terri, Yiming and me! Lol. By now you realised that I have been spamming the class blog like siao for the past few days, ignoring my lovely bio notes! XD And our dearest CT rep, Ivan is also considering to run for council! And he might suddenly come up with a nice nice campaign group before wed and register, which will bring the amount of people in our CT running to 8! Which is a nice and lucky number!! Yay! Anyone also running for council?

Jia you jia you people for tomorrow's wonderful GP comprehension paper and tuesday's Biology test! :/ I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that I would at least pass my Biology paper, and my GP paper. Even if it's just a barely pass kind of thing. But I will still be very happy! Haha. Okay, I realised I am really just spamming random thoughts here. =S

Okay all the best to all the upcoming tests! XD


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ivan the ct rep!
ikan pui!


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