{Thursday, March 6, 2008}

hey yea man, i'm one of the slpers in chem lect today and i wanna counter the idea that i look like a praying mantis and a turtle...=( HUH!! i mean like why am i always described like animals, cant u guys use some better terms to describe me? am i really that bad??? if so, i'll go emo le..=P

haha... actually i am improving in terms of slping in NOT lessons and lectures.. at the very least, i am STARTING to make an effort not to slp le.. ohhh. my i dunno wad to say le but if i just post like that a bit theshort.. so i will try to crap sth more.. ehh..yea i used to have a blog which i only keep to myself so dont bother looking for it ya (it was quite a failure so ya... dont think u'll wanna noe) haha.. erm.. ya i am jun xin , if u were wondering who i am (ooh my this is so weird, i really have nth to say.. =P) ooh yea, tmr is last day of the term so enjoy hols maybe we can hv a ct outing like wad ivan said..

hmm.. my bro is getting his a' lvls results tmr so all the best to him!! =) paiseh.. thats quite random.. yes back to the topic, i cant really design so maybe class tee will have to depend on u guys le...yea quite good for the first post i think.... cya guys tmr! =D

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ivan the ct rep!
ikan pui!


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