{Friday, March 7, 2008}

Hahahaa yay! Thanks Tiffany for changing the blogskin to such a wonderful one! =D <3s!

And YAY so many people are blogging!

Okay, so there was Popololo today! And not many people went for it because most people had CCAs and Biology Practicals to do, so in the end there were around 5 people who went to eat the popiah. My horrigible popiah skin broke when I was folding it so all the ingredients started to ooze out, you know the sauce and stuff. Rarrhhh, haha I have very bad folding skills. And I was quite full from eating like 1 popiah already, so I couldn't practice more because I can't stuff myself with anymore popiah! But it was quite cool, because Apollo had the first adhoc event of the year! We are the leading faculty! Yay!!!

Last day of Term 1! And we have like spent nearly 9 whole weeks with the CT already! I hoped all of you in our CT like this CT very much and feel bonded to the CT (I hope!) And the seniors came back today to take their A level results! Hwachong did pretty well! With 63 people getting perfect scores (7 distinctions, in GP, PW, 4 H2, 1 H3), over 140 something people getting 6 distinctions (which is a very very good score to get too). For biology, out of 10 people, 9 got an A! For chemistry and maths, out of 10 people, 8 got an A! HAHHAA, I guess that is a little comforting right, although we might fail now, but if we continue to persevere and stuff, we can make it for our As and chu ren tou di! =D Yay! I hope hwachong is still first! hahaha.

Okay, thats all for now! <3s Nat!

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