{Tuesday, March 25, 2008}

Hello people!
Anyway, just for your information, here's the accounts so far. YUP. We've tidied everything up so just for your information... We've spent our money on the following things...

DEBTS which we've cleared (:
Junxin Econs ‘How to write essay’ notes $6.50
Ivan 2 birthday cakes $36.00
Kewei Chem notes $135.80
Jeanne Cakes $16.00
Natalie Notes before having subj reps $30.00
Wee Keat Enz Tut + Notes
Proteins Notes + Tut
Cell Structure notes $121.25
Charissa Oils and eggs for cookies (CNY stall) $9.15

Things that we've paid for
Apollo Ad Hoc Event - PoPoLoLo $25.00
Econs Notes - Lecture Series 9 - 10 $28.60
Econs Ans for Tut 7B $3.75
Math Notes $6.25
Biology Notes $56.10

Yup so if you do some adding and subtracting, our class isn't left with a lot of money. We currently have only $63.60 which is really too little to pay for the notes that are coming in.

That's why we're collecting money again ): SO SORRY! Okay ignore what we told you on Monday about the $50 collection. We'll just collect $30 on Monday and this money will be used to pay notes and whatever that is needed such as *GP file, *some Chemistry fund (each person $10). As for the money which we will need for JTS and also GEMS, we will collect at a later date when the events are planned.
*Announcement can be found on SMB.

Anyway, I think maybe we should consider alternatives for GEMS and also source for JTS venue properly? For GEMS, Jeanne and I (Pui Ian) are coordinating. We've not been able to contact the vendors but I think you all should know that it will probably cost a little? Just in case you all didn't know, the school is giving us $10 each for GEMS (so if it exceeds, we'll have to pay). Also, GEMS can be conducted in school during CT period. Yup.

So go think about it. Remember, $30 on MONDAY! (:

<3 Your loansharks?
Tiffany and Pui Ian

6:22 AM



ivan the ct rep!
ikan pui!


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