{Sunday, March 9, 2008}


omg tiff thanks for the cool blogskin! HAHA. nicer than the FISH THING ivan did :p HAHAHA okay kidding. anyway YES i want to make a class tee! who can design? TIFf? i was thinking of some cool (okay not cool la but at least have la okay) slogans HAHA that anyone might want to include but we dont have to, just suggesting :)

uh.. we make a dent in the universe? watch us kick ass? uh.i dunno. any suggestions? HAHA. or it could just be plain and simple with some s77 thingy on it. haha yes TIFF/TERRI/ANY OTHER ARTYFARTY PEOPLE PLEASE SUGGEST SOMETHING? :)if possible lets do it during march hols so we can get it soon. yes! darren's asking if anyone wants to watch step up two. any special requests for ct outing this hol? we could have a picnic! that is damn cool maybe we could steal the frisbee from our bench wing and bring it along :D haha or uhm cycling at east coast? but no interaction :s uh we could have a barbecue!! :D or a movie? ice skatinG? ice hockey? :D:D any suggestions? okay here's what we've got to settle :)

1. class tee
2. ct outing
3. JTS!!! urgently. ahha. any cool place anybody?

OKAY im going to crash my bed now. suggestions suggestions people :) and can anyone teach me how to tag? HAHAH how come i can't find the tagboard? okay SUGGEST OKAY? (: thanks :) and hope huang cheng was good, terri tiff! :) AND KEEP OUR BLOG GOING PEOPLE continue posting pics BUT PLEASE tiff dont post unglam pics of me okay i look damn bad in that photo HAHAHAHA


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