{Tuesday, February 26, 2008}

our blog has been dead for like jhgahfd long le, so yea jus postin somethin hoping to make it come back to life too. u all better start postin too arh or else i gonna call dr siva to call u all tonight =D

STJ was fun right. Heard the seniors wen pok after that. Sean was like saying they all order de 9.60 fish n chips, den they see us meng order that burn burn stuff, so they kind of saw their $$ burnin off with it too la. Some of de seniors even wen downstairs to eat cuz dey rly had no $$. Anw, it was rly nice, only dat i stuffed myself until i also burst, so oh well. THX SENIORS. So for JTS, must treat our dearest juniors with something worth eating. No R n B noodles hut or 20 bucks worth of lemon chicken rice at golden rooster, or else i think dey gonna disowned us and throw us out of de ct bench, esp shit sean :p

Oh yea, wangying left le. She's quite a cool prc. haha. kinda made my perception of prcs change 360 degress. im her younger bro now :) rmb to giv me de pirated cds from china for my bdae huh, wangying.lucki she's still beside our ct bench.

Orientation was kinda useless for us actually, cuz oni got 1 new ct mate, but still fun rite. Ok la, maybe not, but it beats having to stone in class, try to stay awake and try to use de file to cover yourself (like tanyiming) apparently shi bai le lol.Oh ya, nxt week got 3 tests hor, econs, gp n maths, better start studying, as quoted by nat todae "you all start mugging bio anot" i n janus almost whacked her up =X anw gd luck la, hope i can PASS bio. i think i tio single digit for my chem though, but it's a wake up call. NAT PLS TEACH ME HOW TO BE A MUGGA!!!

Guess this's all, still hav to go to do my maths tut 5b, dun wanna sae reverse, skip, draw 2 or wild tml. bleh i feel damn bad for not doing my homework =/ guess who i am le ma?? lol. cya den

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