{Friday, February 29, 2008}

Hello 08S77!
Since Suxiang needs all our effort in keeping this blog alive for some inter-CT blogging competition, I'm here to write something (: Hopefully everybody will post something since it's not a really difficult task and besides, it's a good way to keep our blog alive! It's an informal way of communication anyway (:

Yup. So today is 29 Feb! It comes only ONCE in 4 YEARS! It's special (: It is the last day for the girls in our class to wear our Sec school uniform - since all of you guys are from High School. It is the day we had a horrible Bio prac which almost ALL of us had to resort to -coughcough- the results. It is the day we're introduced to council work. It is the day of which marks the beginning of the weekend which will be spent preparing for Bio test (-_-) and doing Math Graphing assignment. Yup! It's special!

As you can see, I don't really know what to write. Next week is the last week of term! YAY! FINALLY it's holiday! No more early mornings for a week (:

School's going to get more busy so JIAYOU everybody! Good luck to all running for council (:

By the way, save up this weekend! Class fund collection next week.

<3 Pui Ian aka IKAN PUI!

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