{Wednesday, February 27, 2008}

hey 08s77! I don't want my dearest econs tutor who kept on niao-ing us throughout the presentation of all of our ILP groups to come and haunt us so yeah I'm blogging at the class blog!

Yup, so Suxiang went for the meeting at LT1 today, about the inter CT blogging competition! Let's join okay! Since we already have a blog here and stuff, we just need people to keep on coming in to blog and update regularly. And I can find people to help us design the blogskin and stuff! We can be enthu and win this competition right?? First price gets $400 food vouchers, which we can use on JTS! HAHAHA. So let's enter okayy?? And try our very best! Anyway, we need to talk about some passion stuff. The announcement is on SMB. So go check it out okay!

Council general elections start this Friday! Wooohooo! =D CT session will be held by the councillors, so yeah, people can start looking out for nice goodies and freebies given out by council hopefuls and zao-ing people! XD While taking these nice nice stuff, please do not forget to vote for these nice nice people okay! I'm not very sure about the total number of people running in our class...but Zelei and Nikki should be running for council. And me too! HAHA. By this time you should know who I am. Or else...haha, I shall think of a worse punishment than our econs tutor coming back to haunt you.

Haha, yes people lets all start studying for biology and shou xin! LOL. I still want to play though. Lala. Oh yeah, its quite scary if you search on the internet 07s77 and 08s77. People's blogs just pop out here and there. Go check it out and you will find quite a number of the seniors' blog. Eg Sean and Ningxin. Yeah.

That's all for now I guess! =D Cya people soon and blog okayy!!

Natalie! <3s 08s77!

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