{Friday, January 25, 2008}

Hello Guys! (This includes the girls as well, so don't call me a sexist) :)

People, spread the blogging prowess please! GO beg all the 08S77 people to come blog because it looks so empty around here. I need pictures! Can any cam-whores just come up and take some class photos and a picture of our CT bench? Please Please, anyone would do!

Ok, here are some reminders, we have to hand in the econs report by wednesday, so remember to work on it soon! Remember to go for Fac Dance practice next thurs because we must train harder to win the fac dance competition! Oh, we have to stay back to paint our CNY banners and to work on our CNY class bench decoration as well, so if you have any cool ideas, just bring it up, and we shall get the materials soon and get into the fun part of decorating the class bench!!! EXCITING RIGHT!!!

OMGOMG. Haha, we have to discuss on our CNY stall! So our current plan is to bake cookies and brownies, but to earn extra revenue, yiming and I would scam people's money by doing fortune-telling. So maybe we can bake at someone's house one day? Charissa or Jeanne? And leave the scamming gimmicks to me and yiming. Heh Heh.

Today's CT dinner was quite ok, but never mind, a proper CT dinner would be held next FRIDAY where we would have Ms Teo eating with us, so you people jolly well turn up! Haha. No more excuses. :p

Oh, and we have to come up with ideas for junior treat senior soon. I heard many of them knew about this blog alrdy, so maybe if any seniors are reading this post, you may like to post some suggestions at the tag board? Maybe kaya toast? Lol.

Okok, i think I blog super differently in here when compared to my own blog. I feel so restricted, haha, but nonetheless, have fun during the weekends, see you people on Monday!

Before I leave, let's congratulate everyone who have made it to hwachong after PAE! 08S77 would still be one united class! Woohoo!



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