{Wednesday, January 23, 2008}

HELLO S77 :)

COOOOOL NEW BLOG :) spread the loveee haha. this is my first time blogging in like my whole entire life. as in ive had so if i can do it, you guys can do it too. you guys better keep this blog alive and kicking otherwise.. hmm i'll decide later haha. alright updates on class stuff:

CNY Activities: We're baking cookies and brownies. i can't remember who but someone said she could bake OH YEAH CHARISSA! she shall offer her kitchen or something (: haha! and Ivan wanted to do fortune telling.. HAHA uh i guess that's like not on our list la cause we've submitted the form already (ivan did we write fortune telling?) okay but that'd be quite fun you know i can be the fortune teller :D HAHA oops didnt check. uh the banner.. its this bench thingy with something hanging at the side. HAHA. okay i think im wrong. anywya, we got the paint bottles today and the cloth. WE NEED TIFF NOW :)

today i went for the interact interview and it was CRAP. and best was Kendra was like two metres away from me? so i had to like tilt my head towards the other way to avoid eye contact with her. i swear i would have burst out in laughter her face is just retarded man. okay KEWEI'S BIRTHDAY IS ENDING! alright i am going to attempt to do GP brainstorming :)

alright Ivan's getting us a tagboard and he's gonna personalise our blog pretty soon. sorry i can't do anything this is my first time blogging remember :) CT dinner on FRI NIGHT! tentative. haha. okay you guys feel free to visit actually VISIT EVERYDAY OR SOMETHING and beautify this thing okay. haha. GOODNIGHT :)


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