{Monday, October 20, 2008}

s77 Birthday cake on 7 July which was really long ago.
Paiseh la, I managed to login to this blog only like recently? For those who forgot the blog password and user name, feel free to ask, lets revive this blog .

Upcoming events

1. SCREAM! ( part of the Halloween celebration)

This Saturday! Sadly, I won't be able to go cause I won't be in S'pore at that time :( . But, do attend the event, its fun to toy with your nerves once in a while , hee. Take more photos too! Can't believe I'm missing this....

To find out more, watch the publicity video :)

2. Apollo faculty outing in school on next Wednesday.

Most probably, I won't be around ( gonna be in Msia), which is quite sad, right? hurhur But, Wednesday will be the last day of school so do support your faculty&fac com members by attending, okay?

I'm quite proud of our class cause we have showed improvement in results. It's nice not being the bottom few, right? To those whom may not have gotten the results they wanted, don't fret, always look at the bright side and remain sanguine. Think of the bigger picture. A Levels is after all, the ultimate goal. So just keep up the hard work cause we've got POTENTIAL!

Next up will be OP for PW so jiayou people! Stay calm, stay focused. PW can be quite *cough* disgusting/annoying but we've settle most of the components already and all we have left is OP. So, just tolerate the situation a LITTLE while longer

Regarding class outing, are you guys interested in having one? You may wanna provide suggestions to either Jeanne or me and tell us the best time to have it( perhaps after OP?). Do so ASAP though, before everyone starts jetting all over the world.


7:45 AM

HELLO PEEPS! Our class blog is quite dead!~~

And now I shall be brave and try to attempt to revive it.

Last Friday's class 'outing' at A203 was uhm quite eventful (?), with people happily eating pizza and garlic bread and drinking coke and watching ' She's the man'! I hope everyone who attended did enjoy it, especially the pizza that wasn't from Pizza Hut or Canadian Pizza, but some quite nice pizza type hahaha. Perhaps if there is another 5 hour break (like today again, though we needed this 5 hour break to do PW ><) we could have another cool class outing like this again? Watch movie, chill, and eat stuff!

Anyone up for the idea of having a class outing during the nov/dec holidays? Perhaps having ice skating again or whatsoever, since we had ice skating for our class GEMS, and we shouldn't let go of this 'skill' so easily right? Hahaha. Please please tag if you are interested in this outing, or if you have any other suggestions for class outings during the holidays, like cycling or anything, and I guess our CT rep and assistant CT rep will try their very best to organise one for us! XD

Btw anyone wants a class chalet or something? (You can play cards till your hearts' content there, without being caught and demerit points HAHA) Please tag if you are interested in this too!

And PW! OP is in exactly 2 weeks from now, and I hope that every group is coping well and doing fine with their stuff. Like having handed up WR, should be fully concentrated on OP right? Haha, don't be too stressed about this anyway! After 2 weeks we can really enjoy ourselves! (And forget that there is a biology review test right at the beginning of the next year ><) Jiayou people! We can all clinch A and be very happy people next year when the results are released! As mentioned, this is the last lap for PW already, and hopefully everyone can continue at the current pace and standard you guys are at now! (I guess the WR should be of quite a good standard for everyone right? Haha) Then we will wow the moderators and examinors during OP, and give them no choice but to give us an A. Whee.

Jiayou people! 08S77!~~

- <3 natalie!~

7:30 AM

{Sunday, July 6, 2008}

Hey 08s77!
Our class has been really stagnant for really long!
Please post whatever pictures or anything you all want here to keep the blog alive!

(1) GEMS
It is this coming saturday, 12th July. Our booking is at 3pm. Meet at Jurong MRT at 230pm. We'll still need to walk to the entertainment centre and get our equipment and everything, so please be on time! It is an official school event, so attendence is compulsory. An mc is required if you aren't present. I understand some of you have cca and stuff, I'm asking Ms Teo if cca is excused. Anyways, GEMs is combined with s79. The cost is $11.60. So after the subsidy from the school, we only have to pay $1.60 each.

(2) 7th July
YOUTH DAY IS OUR CLASS' BIRTHDAY!! :D 7/7. Actually Shiwei suggested we have a class outing on that day. But many people already have plans for that day. So we'll get a cake and celebrate it on tuesday instead!

Apollo's adhoc event is coming up! We'll be giving out free icecream! There will be games, and the winning class will get vouchers from some restaurant! So please come down to the event to support us and participate actively in the games! Watch out for the announcements for the exact date of the event!

(4) Inter CT table tennis competition
The Hwa Chong Table Tennis Recreational Club is organising a inter-CT table tennis competition. Participation can be in singles, doubles and mixed doubles. The competition is on Thurs (10th July) for Male and Female Singles, and Tues (15th July) for Doubles. Tell me by tuesday if you're interested in taking part!

12:44 AM

{Friday, May 9, 2008}

Hey people! This blog is seriously getting dead. I guess it is because of the tests and the amount of responsibilities coming up yeah?

Anyway, just wanted to encourage all you guys here. Jia you okayy. We are a super imba and cool class, and we can do better in our tests de lah. Don't be discouraged by this term results, and let's all hope together than the block tests will bring about better results. (HAHA). Okay, hahaha. But yeah, you get my point right? Hahah, I guess that is enough.

Oh and I realised that shuyi's name is not here yet! =D Let's have a class outing during june holidays and officially or whatever like bring her into our class. HAHA. I guess I am starting to be lame. Or zi high. Oh no. Oh man. Hahaha.

Anyone has Apollo fac outing photos? Songs for sunshine at Timbre was fun. At least for me. And I enjoyed myself a lot! Hahah. Come on, those who didn't go are jealous of us righttt. Haha. Photos photos! Talking about photos reminds me of photo taking today. Haha. Nevermind. Hahhaa. Okay I shall go off now. Or else I shall bombard this blog with my lameness. Haha.

To quote from someone famous (HAHA ME! omg I think it must be due to the lack of sleep that is causing this stuff to come out of my brain), let's all jia you okay. Motivate all of you. Hahaha. Jia you jia you.

08S77 is <3s! Apollo is <3s! Hwachong is <3s! (Okay the last one is debatable. XD)

<3s, Nat! (who is zi highing now. Hahaha)

7:22 AM

{Thursday, May 1, 2008}

Hello S77!
This blog is like dead! Anyway, school's quite a bore now. It's always about lectures, tutorials and tests. I found this website while looking for comics for our Econs blog.


The comics there can be quite funny!

Jiayou everybody! Let's be more focused and disciplined towards our own learning and work (:

<3 Pui Ian

7:37 AM

{Thursday, April 17, 2008}

we had lunch with our beloved dr siva today! lol. sx and i were buying food at xiao mi mi and he was just queuing behind us..then he saw sx and started talking to her..and guess what?! he said he'll have lunch with our class! so at first we thought he's just joking but in the end he really came and joined us for lunch hahaha. so interesting =D

<3, elissa

7:13 AM

{Thursday, April 10, 2008}

Hey everyone!
In case you haven't received the message, the venue for JTS this saturday has been changed to Shokudo at the basment of raffles city. It's like jap Marche. Still meet at cityhall mrt at 615! I think the pricing at Shokudo is lower than that of Newyork Newyork's, though the portion may be smaller.
Oh yes. You all might want to think of new ideas for GEMS because iceskating really isn't cheap. Unless you all are willing to part with more money, that is. But some people (like poor tiffany) are quite broke because we have to pay so many different types of funds, and there are many performances coming up.

Reminder: Pay $30 class funds if you haven't yet done so!! We need the money for JTS DESPERATELY!!


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